Thursday, January 10, 2008

好吃文字燒 Okonomiyaki


從英國回來的這幾天 不知道是懶惰 忙碌 還是沒有心思好好地煮飯 在英國的那些日子裡 我特別享受在廚房忙東忙西的樂趣 開心的是有可以分享的人

那天從英國回來 第一樣煮的菜居然是麻婆豆腐 不是因為特別喜歡這道菜的緣故 而是因為想做衣道有"家"的味道的料理...翻著食譜才決定作的

今天晚上有一種想吃大阪燒的衝動 加上我愛吃的海鮮 就變成了超級無敵美味的好吃燒了
先將海鮮燙熟備用.. 麵糊、蛋及高麗菜攪拌成雜菜糊煎3到5分鐘 煎好的海鮮放在餅狀的麵糊上 翻面後再煎3分鐘 最後刷上用蔬菜、水果熬製的燒醬料 撒上海苔及柴魚粉 擠上日式美乃滋 就做好了! 熱熱的好吃燒 配上一碗味增湯 就是今天的晚餐啦!

Japanese Cabbage - 1/2 of a head, approx. 300g
Nagaimo (Chinese yam) or Yamaimo Powder - 1 package
Okonomiyaki-ko (Okonomiyaki Flower) -3/4 cup

Water or Milk - 160 cc

Eggs x 2
Seafood (whatever you like)
Okonomiyaki sauce - Moderate Amount
Mayone-zu (Japanese Mayonnaise) - Moderate Amount
Katsuobushi (Dried bonito) - Moderate Amount

Ao-Nori (Green Seaweed Flakes) - Moderate Amount
Vegetable Oil

1. Chop the cabbage to 1/4 of the head, cut off the core and shred.
2. Peel a nagaimo (chinese yam) and grate. Wrap it with paper towel to prevent it from slipping. At Japanese Specialty store also sells a great product called Yamaimo powder which works as a substitute for this.

3. Pour Okonomiyaki powder and water or milk into a bowl and mix until the lumps disappear and it is smooth. (If necessary, use a whisk to avoid creating lumps while mixing.)

4. Put eggs, nagaimo, sakuraebi (Sakura Shrimp), cabbage and the Okonomiyaki powder mixture together and mix it gently from the bottom to soak it with air.

5. Spread vegetable oil (1 tablespoon) on the heated hot plate or frying pan. Pour in half of the mixture gently to make a round shape. Cook it at 350 degrees for about 3 minutes. Then, put three pieces of pork on the top, make sure to stretch them thin.

6. Flip over and close the lid to steam for about 3 minutes.
Mix Mayonaise and Okonomi Sauce and spread it on top. Sprinkle katsuobushi (dried bonito) and aonori (Green Seaweed lettuce).

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