Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tamagoyaki/Dashi Maki Tamago (Japanese Egg Roll) 厚蛋燒

  • Dashi maki tamago 日式柴魚厚蛋燒
  • Shoyu Ramen 綜合蔬菜豆腐拉麵
Tamagoyaki is without a doubt one of the most popular and classic Japanese dishes; it can be found in essentially every Japanese restaurant and sushi joint. I have always wondered how it is made, so when I saw this tutorial from Lunch in a Box I instantly knew I had to try it.

There is a slight difference between tamagoyaki and dashi maki tamago; personally I prefer the dashi maki tamago because of the flavour dashi soup stock brings to the dish. Dashi soup stock is also used in tamagoyaki, but in smaller portions. As a result dashi maki tamago is more "liquid-y" thus more delicate, which means it can be a bit more tricky to prepare than tamagoyaki. Now although tamagoyaki pan is called for in the recipe, it is not necessary. Before I got my tamagoyaki pan I used a small ordinary pan, which also worked fairly well (maybe just a bit more difficult to cook).

Note: I cut down the ingredients by half (sine I'm cooking for one), decreased the amount of sugar, and did not cook the first layer of eggs as "scrambled eggs"; I rolled them up because I think the end result is slightly prettier. There is a really good video tutorial that gives a step-by-step method.

Dashi maki tamago is really flexible: you can add different stuffing like spinach, tomato, zucchini, enoki mushrooms, and so on, to make your own variations. It can be served as a side dish as I did with shoyu ramen, or packed into lunch boxes. And it is so simple and delicious!

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