Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Multi-grain Sushi Roll/ Kimbap: 紫米五穀壽司捲

這幾天在家唸書 突然好想吃壽司 我想應該是綜合日本御飯糰 韓式綜合捲和台灣飯糰等想法 最後把他截長補短變呈現出這個玩意: 我的紫米壽司
除了鋪了一層五穀紫米之外 裡面包著營養的各式配料 不油不膩 清爽沒負擔

I was experiencing another craving for sushi rolls the other day, but I was not planning on going to a sushi restaurant anytime soon. So I took the ideas of Japanese make sushi rolls, the Korean kimbaps, and the Taiwanese rice balls, and "fused" them to make my multi-grain rolls stuffed with healthy and yummy fillings like celery, carrot, egg rolls, lettuce, cucumber, and imitatoin crab meat. Sprinkled with sesame seeds, it has a savory taste and the smell. Then again in my opinion, anything can go into a sushi roll :). Experiment, and it might turn out to be a pleasant surprise!

For a recipe of Kimbap, check out the post on My Korean Kitchen

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