Thursday, December 6, 2007

Artisan Bread in Vancouver: Transylvanian Peasant Bread

我最愛的東歐手工雜糧麵包: 樸實的農夫麵包
I would not say that Vancouver fits my idea of an artisan bread town (Canadian cities like Montreal and Quebec do).

A few days ago I stopped by Transylvanian Peasant Bread in the 3400 block W. Broadway and picked up one of most outstanding bread products in the city: a 2lb loaf of Transylvanian Peasant Bread, fresh out of the oven. As soon as I set foot in the bakery I felt as if I had gotten caught in time and in the twilight zone of bread. There was a really special ambiance, an old yet genuine kind that tells a story. It's got an atmosphere without actually trying to have one. The smallest yet cutest bakery I have ever been to, Transylvania Peasant Bread is a family-owned business that strives to honour their tradition of offering their signature Peasant bread: a whole-wheat sourdouugh levain, from a wood-burning oven.

They sell only three kinds of fabulous rustic bread: the Transylvanian Peasant Bread, the Light Rye Bread, and the Sprouted Wheat Bread .

I ripped off a small chunk and nibbled on my way down the street. Hmmm.... definitely one of those breads that needs to be eaten fresh, and one of those that does not need any spread, jam, or butter. This heavy loaf has a hard crust, and a dense, chewy centre, luscious with a bit of sourness. It was exactly what I wanted and needed to find in Vancouver: the authentic and orginial, natural (I do not like overly processed breads) whole-wheat bread wthout preservatives. The verdict: best bread in Vancouver I have ever had!

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this very interesting, but its making me very very hungry!!!!! Going to buy some bread. I'll be back to finish reading :-)