Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What is this?

I have always wanted to document and record my various adventures with F-O-O-D. I would not call myself a sophisticated foodie who dines at the elegant and upscale restaurants ( although that idea might sound quite appealing once in a while)

I, like many, am simply an ordinary food lover. I love to go to supermarkets for grocery shopping, go home and enjoy therapeutic cooking, and in short, "play around with the ingredients I have around the house".

For me cooking is more than digging up a recipe and following the steps perfectly; it is about creativity, open-mindedness, and having FUN! I learn a lot of that philosophy from my dearest mother, who doesn't like the idea of measurements like "a tablespoon of soy sauce" or "1 teaspoon of garlic powder" although she is able to eyeball them from years of cooking experiences. At first I found it quite difficult because I always have the tendencies to be "exact", and although that is important, what is far more critical is that when cooking, you gotta expect the unexpected! And that for me is the essence of cooking, or if you call it culinary arts. It really is the most incredible form of art.

So I try to keep it simple, experiment ( I know this sounds slightly dangerous, but a lot of the times you'd be pleasantly surprised!), and just get myself immersed in the colourful world of food!

And by the way, I have tons of cravings, but I don't want the guilt that accompanies some of the tastiest yet most fattening foods out there. So I always try to look for healthy alternatives and substitutes, so I can enjoy the sinlessly delicious "guilty pleasures"

So I guess it's time to cook up a storm!

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