Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Korean Spicy Rice Cakes 韓式辣年糕

每次看韓劇總是會不知不覺得被劇中食物吸引, 尤其是看起來紅紅辣辣的辣年糕
拌一拌似乎很美味的樣子 hmmm....
所以我那天特地去了North Rd.上的韓國超市 買了韓國辣椒醬跟一些年糕條 準備做我記憶中的辣年糕!
為了買材料我還請了韓國的朋友幫我寫了一張單子 (誰叫我看不懂韓文呢) 不過聽在超市工作的韓國媽媽說的作法 應該不會很困難
懷著不知道會做出什麼樣成品的心情 下廚囉!

This is a tale of Korean spicy rice cakes inspired by Korean television series. Whenever I watch a Korean drama, spicy rice cakes seem to creep onto the screen; it's as if someone, at one point of the show, just has to prepare spicy rice cakes and eat it standing by the kitchen stove, or casually sitting around the dining table. I guess it might be a kind of comfort food for them. Inspired, I decided to make a trip to a local Korean supermarket. After asking my Korean girl friend to write down the ingredients ( in Korean), I took the list and went to the store (I was so eager and excited) The lady who works there gave me a brief description of the recipe, so here's my version of the classic Korean dish based on the recollection of my memory. It actually turned out quite yummy!

Korean Spicy Rice Cakes

Chinese cabbage, sliced or shredded (again lettuce can be used as substitute)

1 Green onion, cut into pieces

1/2 white onion, sliced

1 pkg ( I used about 15) rice cakes

1 sheet of fish cake (or any hot pot ingredients like fish dumplings)

240cc water

1tsp white sesame seeds ( for added flavour)


4tsp Korean Hot Pepper Paste** (Gochujang)

Hot Pepper Powder (can use chili powder as substitute)
pinch of Sugar(personal preference) i used about 2tsp

1tsp minced Garlic

Rinse the fish cakes in hot water. (To clean the oil coating from its surface) and cut into medium-sized pieces
Pour the water into the pot, bring to a boil.
Then add the sauce and rice cake and stir well. When the water has boiled and decreased to about 2/3 of the original amount, stir in the fish cake and combine well. ( the mixture will start to thicken due to the stickiness of rice cakes and paste)
Add all the other ingredients:veggies, when the water has boiled to about 1/2 of original amount. (reduce the heat to medium/ low to make sure the vegetables stay cripsy and not soggy) Stir them well.

I like to serve it as a side dish rather than as the traditional way of serving it as a main dish.
I then found a food blog after i'd made the rice cakes, and I think I did an OK job as a first-timer!


韓式年糕 12片
甜不辣 或竹輪

洋蔥絲 (1/2顆)
高麗菜 切絲
韭菜 切段

韓式辣椒醬 4tsp
辣椒粉 少許
砂糖 2tsp 個人喜好

1. 水煮開.加入調味料拌勻 要散開喔 加入年糕

2. 當水煮滾後 至水少掉1/3時放入甜不辣繼續炒

3. 待水減至1/2時 放入切好的洋蔥 高麗菜 韭菜 跟蔥 轉中小火拌勻 不要讓菜煮爛 要保持脆度

大功告成啦!! 很簡單吧!

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